Yashkumar Rathod

Student Researcher
Yashkumar is a Student Researcher at WIMTACH and he is enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering - Industrial program at Centennial College. At WIMTACH he assists the mechanical research team with various responsibilities including applying technical knowledge to innovate, design, and develop e-textile based projects. He also creates and manipulates mechanical drawings and bills of materials and he is heavily involved in the research and development for e-Textiles. His studies at Centennial College and his internship at WIMTACH, enabled him to learn about designing and drafting skills by using various CAD packages like SolidWorks and Ansys. Also, he has become familiarized with equipment selection and assembly for Pharma industries and material properties as well as the process of inspection of e-Textiles. He is improving upon his communication skills with industry partners, various departments, and vendors through his Student Researcher role. In his free time, he enjoys photography, cinematography, and reading. He is also a tech enthusiast.


  • SolidWorks - CSWA
  • SolidEdge
  • AutoCAD
  • Ansys
  • C++
  • Python
  • SQL.