Digitizing Healthcare through SMART IV

Digitizing Healthcare through SMART IV

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Partner: Joshi Health Inc.

WIMTACH at Centennial College and Joshi Health Inc. had collaborated to do a project “SMART IV”. WIMTACH played an important role in digitizing healthcare delivery through various Health IT solutions by providing the unique proposition of a mobile, wearable, and interactive research facility and field-based usability testing frameworks at Centennial College. Joshi Health Inc., on the other hand, is a startup company that provides solutions on the untouched and ignored health hazards by going into manufacturing, marketing and distributing patented medical devices in the healthcare industry. Together, this collaborative project took place with the following purposes:

  1. Software Development: To create a mobile application, which can communicate with an electronic device via wireless technology (GSM/Wi-Fi) and be able to track the levels of multiple IV (Intravenous) fluid levels and notifies authorized personnel when the IV is close to depletion. The application can also retrieve previously stored information back from the backend server’s database.
  2. Regulatory Research: To perform a comprehensive study of online resources and literature in order to support the Usefulness and Feasibility of FLIS System for HealthCare Institutions in Canada; to review the process to be followed to get FLIS approved by concerned Government Regulatory Authority in Canada.
  3. Electronics & Mechanical Components: To develop a FLIS Mobile, capable to sense the fluid in the bottle and send the information through wireless communication to a server’s database. Moreover, this information will be transmitted to an electronic device through an app, to the authorized personnel. For mechanical module, a design for housing FLIS sensor and its electronic components, with an LCD display on the front side will be delivered.

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