Healthcare Management Systems Inc. – Patient Health Dashboard

Patient Health Dashboard

Healthcare Management Systems Inc., an industry partner with Centennial College, is working on an Advanced Registration System for patients. This system utilize data from patient's wearable devices (sensors to measure the heart-rate, blood pressure, sleep, etc.) to produce a patient "Dashboard" that will be received by hospitals and clinics. WIMTACH researchers worked on a project to validate the usability of the patient dashboard. To assess the usefulness of this system, a team from WIMTACH conducted surveys with nurses and doctors in the GTA region.

The project was a part of broader WIMTACH initiative to bridge the gap between Healthcare Application Developers and the Healthcare Professionals by providing constructive feedback from Healthcare Professionals to the Development team. The goal is to encourage end-user participation in the system’s development by receiving their feedback and then using this vital information to design a better system. Participant responses were analyzed and used for making improvements that made the existing system better and more effective.

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