Innovative Mobile Health Application

Partner: Markham Stouffville Hospital

Centennial College is known for its innovative style of teaching and entrepreneurial spirit, which shows through in students, Puneet Bindra, Manan Pandya, Rashid Khan, Siva Shankar, Druma Amin and Renata Stsiatskevich.

Currently entering their final year of the Testing Strategies for Mobile Applications program, the team of students started developing a new healthcare application in partnership with WIMTACH and Markham Stouffville hospital. The application, ePersonal Health, will allow doctors to simplify the documentation process, with aims of reducing the amount of travel to hospitals and introducing a convenient and economical way of gathering documents (i.e. test results, x-rays) for patients.

Set for deployment on August 29, ePersonal Health is a server and mobile application (Android and iOS) with an accessible interface and layout that will be easy for people of all ages to use. The program will allow healthcare professionals to upload documents to a patient’s account over a secure server, notifying the patient and allowing them to share the document with a different doctor, friend or family member. Doctors are able to leave notes for patients and the patient is notified anytime someone with access to their documents opens one.

Currently in the testing phase, the team is working on debugging the application and consulting Markham Stouffville hospital on their aesthetic requirements and the legal terms and conditions. Both Bindra and Pandya describe working on the application as “a totally different experience from the classroom.” Bindra goes further, saying: “In the classroom you have professors to guide you if you get stuck, but in the real world if you come across a problem you need to face it on your own. We’re always learning.”

The idea for such an application came to light when Dr. Arnold, Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Markham Stoufville hospital approached Centennial College in hopes of collaborating. “I was really impressed with Centennial,” Dr. Arnold says. “At our first meeting WIMTACH had already selected a professor with interests directly related to what I needed. It was different than the other colleges and universities that I had approached.”

Under the guidance of Professor Pedram Faghihi, the team began working on the largest application any of them had ever developed. “We learned everything full circle,” Pandya says. “We followed the software development lifecycle: analysis, design, coding, testing and soon, deployment.”

Once ePersonal Health is launched, the team hopes to continue expanding on the application and already have some ideas for its growth in mind.

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