WIMTACH partnered with Interaxon to design a Research Test Platform and a Factory Test Platform for MUSE, the brain sensing headband.

InteraXon is a Toronto-based innovator in the field of brain-sensing technology. Over 50,000 people have experienced InteraXon’s brain-sensing technology, and this continues to grow. In 2014, InteraXon launched their first product, Muse: the brain sensing headband. Muse is a brain fitness tool that senses your brain like a heart monitor reads your heart rate. Muse uses short, fun sessions to help you calm your mind, increase focus and composure and reduce stress.

The goal of the project was the Research and Development of a Factory Test Platform and a Research Test Platform. WIMTACH put together a multidisciplinary team with Electronics Engineering and Biomedical Engineering students and faculty members. WIMTACH team worked over a period of 4 months. Students performed the applied research and were constantly mentored by the experienced faculty members.

Following deliverables were successfully created at the end of the project:

  1. Creation of a Factory Test Platform (FTP) - FTP will enhance the Quality Control Process for Interaxon. It will prove a faster and more reliable Factory test process by reducing time per test from a current slightly over 3 minutes to less than 1 minute.
  2. Research Test Platform (RTP) - RTP will enable Interaxon to test their MUSE headband without actual human test subjects by emulating brain waves generated by the human brain. The RTP will simulate different skin types with varying skin Impedance levels. This means a single RTP can replace several human test subjects. Ultimately this will lead a more exhaustive Testing process and better product for the customers.

WIMTACH acknowledges the hard work and dedication of the Centennial student researchers and Faculty Members. The support, technical knowledge and feedback provided by Interaxon Inc.’s team during the development process was indispensable to the success of this project.

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