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Partner: The Scarborough Hospital

WIMTACH at Centennial College plays an important role in digitizing healthcare delivery through various Health IT solutions by providing the unique proposition of a mobile, wearable, and interactive research facility and field-based usability testing frameworks at Centennial College. They have collaborated with The Scarborough Hospital, an institution that provides 90 years of Healthcare excellence to the Scarborough community by changing lives, strengthening the community and helping Scarborough grow, to develop a stand-alone mobile application to support mothers with appropriate and relevant breastfeeding resources and information.

The purpose of this tool is to support Moms to track each breastfeeding interaction. By documenting feedings, pumping sessions and diapers at their fingertips, moms can better keep track during those first few weeks of adjusting to a new baby. This tool also supports Moms by providing them with up to date evidence based information at a single click about Mom and Baby health care. Links and videos are provided in the app for more information. Here at TSH, we hope that our BEST FEEDING APP will help Moms start their breastfeeding journey off on the right foot!

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