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Zippy Consulting

Zippy Consulting and Centennial College’s WIMTACH (Wearable, Interactive and Mobile Technology Access Centre in Health) propose to develop an Interactive exercise solution consisting of a wearable wristband and a feedback mechanism. The proposed system is a big improvement over the conventional exercising systems such as Nintendo’s WiiTM. These conventional systems do not provide any real-time feedback to users. The proposed system does not only track the user’s vitals, it also provides real-time feedback. The system learns and remembers a user’s training patterns, therefore creating a unique profile for each user. This intelligent system alerts the user in case he is over-training his body. The system makes use of proprietary machine learning algorithms and video game technology to create an immersive experience. This cutting-edge technology leads to less strenuous exercise sessions with maximum impact on physical well-being.

Zippy Consulting already holds a patent for the proposed technology. Successful completion of the project will significantly advance their commercialisation efforts. Long-term impacts include the establishment of a Canadian product line, highly skilled jobs in game development and device development and significant revenues. Additionally, the system will make exercise fun, more effective and less time-consuming. The project will employ and train students, equipping them with valuable technical skills, critical for getting employed.

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